From Fundão to Portugal and Spain | The monopoly of technological support for SMEs

May 14, 2015

Presenting a turnover of over 3M € in 2014, pcmedic, which operates in the technical support sector for new technologies, this year focuses its attention on SMEs and micro-enterprises. Among its partnerships we find some of the national companies that have bet more in the innovation and development of new services, solutions, and products.

Lisbon, April 20, 2015 - PCmedic has been firmly and well-established in the world of supporting new technologies since 2001, showing no sign of slowing down its demand for new customers, betting in a determined way in the SME and microenterprise sector.

The long-standing partnerships established with renowned companies such as Portugal Telecom, NOS and SONAE catapulted pcmedic, which operates in the field of technical support for new technologies, to a privileged position when SMEs and micro-enterprises choose between offers to support its business technology parks.

The success of its business model, which is based on a service without the traditional costs to the end customer, is achieved through the joint participation of the main operators and brands associated with the technology. From this concept, pioneered by the ability to unite previously dispersed and uncoordinated channels, the first electronic Iberian laboratory to operate with lifting and home delivery service emerged.

With more than 400 employees and a billing forecast of over 3M € in 2014 and estimated at over € 3.5M by 2015, the number of customers and repairs nationwide, updated in real time on, mirrors that which has been an unswerving presence in the market of support for new technologies, which is estimated, will join 5000 new SMEs and micro-enterprises customers by the end of this year.

About pcmedic:
Founded in Portugal in 2001, pcmedic (registered trademark of Higher Functions, Lda.) Is a company headquartered at Fundão national leader in technological support for the end user, both residential and business. Its unique performance in the market is based on the provision of a complete customer-focused support service instead of the equipment, with immediate and personalized assistance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in Portugal and Spain. In addition to telephone / remote support for problem solving, clarification of doubts and advice, pcmedic has home services, laboratory stores throughout the country and electronic laboratory. The company is a partner of the most prestigious retail chains and CSPs, for which it provides IT support to its customers.
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