How it works?



Pcm integrates several levels of service, aiming to constitute the model of resolution or support faster and economic for each situation.

Based on this premise, the first point of contact is always the Intelligence Operations Center (IOC), a team of approximately 200 highly qualified technicians (more than 80% of whom are highly trained) who will attempt to effectively remote, at any time of the day. Through this support center, we managed today to solve more than 1,600 problems per day (approximately 82%), with an average resolution time of 17 minutes, avoiding additional services. This spectacular OFC (On First Call) resolution rate represents the culmination of more than 10 years of investment in proprietary technology, training, and process automation mechanisms, representing one of the key differentiating factors of PCM compared to any other company in the market International.

Local support is an integral part of the pcm structure, either in the customer's premises or in one of our laboratory spaces, representing the second and third lines of support when remote resolution was not possible. For the comfort of our customers, we provide home collection, laboratory repair, delivery, installation and re-integration services, with replacement equipment to never have to interrupt your work.

We have certified channels for all major brands, providing services under warranty and supporting the most representative proprietary programs in the national market. Our operational integration with retailers and operators also allows us to address problems regardless of their origin. PCM is therefore the first and only entity responsible for the proper functioning of any computer park, regardless of the origin of the problem, establishing the link with all possible players.